How is it to live a life at a time when humanity is running out of time? At a time when the rest of the civilization lives under the protective barrier in the last City on Earth, threatened by electromagnetic discharges from space that can “erase” you at any time? It is the reality of everyday life for journalist Brett and his girlfriend Kala. Suddenly, all changes when Brett gets a playing card in the forbidden virtual game Symbolion. But who sent it to him and why? The one who dares to enter the game can find unlimited access to a source of energy, but also death. Hotly pursued by the secret police, they search for a red door through which they can enter mysterious parallel worlds and reveal secrets hidden in parables. However, the game is completely different than they expected, and what they take away from it can change everything…


In Symbolion, we find ourselves in an unknown world which is, however, somehow familiar. Is it a reflection of a life we have already lived, or which we live in other realities? The approach and sense of humour of the main characters illuminate a world which would otherwise have remained dark. In the adventurous path full of discoveries are elements of fantasy that entertain and maintain the reader’s curiosity, often in contrast with the depressing mood within the City. There are the mysterious Unifier (a man without a past who controls the City), the Clock of the Past and Clock of the Future, Guardians of Time, a Dwarf in the Library of Knowledge, and the Red Door through which it is possible to pass between unknown dimensions.

Despite the hopelessness of the situation and the repressive apparatus striving to track the cards and stop the game, people still have freedom, they are not enslaved as, for example, in Orwell’s “1984”. What will they do with this freedom? Despite the mutual competition for scarce personal energy, they still have faith in friendship, they want to live normally, have fun, and love. There is hope even in the greatest despair, and strength to fight their fate despite a minimal chance of success.