I draw inspiration from all around me. However, the best ideas usually come quite unexpectedly, when you don’t think about writing at all. 

A holographic doctor from the Star Trek series
PZH is an Emergency Medical Hologram that was activated aboard the Voyager spaceship due to a lack of medical staff. The Holographic Doctor was programmed only for medical procedures but like humans, he had an important ability: to learn and improve. As time goes, he also gained an understanding of human emotions, both positive and negative. He himself has many human vices, but is capable of sincere emotion. Before he was given a portable holoemitter, PZH could only move around in the infirmary and anyone could turn it off. He just hated that. I wondered how we would feel if we were all like this fictional character and our bodies were subjected to energy fluctuations? If someone could shut us down without warning, or if our bodies just dissolved when we lost energy? …
Lucid dreams and the journey to Symbolion

Have you ever woken up in a dream? Lying in bed, dreaming and realizing that what you were experiencing was just a dream? Therefore, this state is sometimes called awake sleep. You can experience the dream as reality, but knowing it is not real. Or is it? Perhaps somewhere beyond the perception of our physical world?

Like Kala, one of the main characters, I have lucid dreams from time to time. Please, do not mistake it with astral travelling. Once, I had a dream about a little boy who was my guide in a strange world, where things are not what they seem to be at first glance, and you must discover their true meaning at first. I named this world Symbolion. So, the novel “Symbolion and the City without Stars”, where the borders between reality and the virtual world are disappearing, was slowly taking form. How can we say for sure which one is real? Maybe both, maybe neither. 

Everything is about energy

Occasionally I write articles for the website ocdnet.cz, which tries to help, inform and support people diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). My partner also suffers from OCD, which we deal together. However, at a time when we lacked energy, I invented a city where people live like us, but they have energetic bodies and struggle for lack of personal energy. Still, they want to live normally, long for having fun and love. Their hope is Symbolion, a forbidden virtual game where the player can gain unlimited access to an energy source or lose it wholly.