I tell stories from other unknown worlds that may not be so far from ours. They are not perfect, but maybe we can learn and understand something in them. Something that we can transfer to our reality. And maybe that other world is just a few steps away, we just can’t see it.

I am fascinated by doors, gates and passages. They are a symbol of change and transformation for me. It is as if they invite you to look through them and pass through to the other side. This motive often appears in my work and most notably in my first novel – Symbolion and City without stars. The red door is a gateway between two dimensions – between the world in the City and the parallel world of Symbolion, full of mysteries, where things are not what they seem and their true meaning is yet to be discovered.
Crossing from one world into the other is easy in my upcoming fantasy for children, The Magic Gift and the Secret of the Tree Guardians.  A kind story, where it is not only the light-bearers who fight against evil and darkness, but mainly the courage and friendship of the main characters, who are able to cope with much more experienced wizards. A young witch, who seeks a magical gift to be accepted by other wizards as one of them, lives half in the magical and half in human world. But all you need to do is say a magic formula and draw a door in chalk on the wall and suddenly you are somewhere else. The story is already written and just waiting to be illustrated.

My other love is painting. It helps me sort out my thoughts and ideas are born, which I then put into my stories. I have a few sketches for Symbolion as well, so I’m looking forward to finishing some collages based on those for the novel someday.
I only started using large formats when I got a couple of dibond sandwich boards with failed graphics for a theatre show to start painting on the other side. But my favorite thing to do is collage, where I combine different techniques and finish with an acrylic marker. In my meditations, images and visions emerge that are not easy to translate into concrete form, and collage is the ideal means to express them.

Black and white photography has quite a different feel than colour. I see a depth in it from which the essential seems to emerge. Hybrid photography then gives me the opportunity to emphasize the intention and show a different point of view. Sometimes I just go out on the streets or in nature and take pictures of whatever catches my eye. I look for light and composition to create an atmosphere. I don’t always succeed and have to destroy everything and start again. Without atmosphere there is no life. Or at least not as we know it. When you are able to create atmosphere, then everything you create comes alive. I think that’s the goal of all creation and that’s what I try to do with more or less success as well.

I also love autumn mists, thunderstorms, waterfalls, David Bowie and panna cotta. I like people who have insight, a sense of humor and hyperbole. Luckily, my partner, family and closest friends have this and I allow myself to be fragile with them. We’re always learning from each other. I enjoy exploring and learning new things and finding inspiration in them. I am a lark and I write best in the early morning, on the other hand I like to paint at night. When I paint I need tea and ginger biscuits and when I write I need coffee and a cigarette. That’s me too. Thank you for visiting me, come again.